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Once they goes we’re going to be talking about insurence quotes today we also here with Lily you just can’t there but she is there there we go that’s loud that was laughs yeah today we’re going to be talking about insurence quotes and  basically how you can get chilled and how you can bring prices down and food to go with it not to go with because that is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in the comment section of most of my videos a lot of you guys wondered how I got into it on the Cupra because I was only 19.


with one years of no claim and I managed to somehow ensure a soldier’s 25 break  front-wheel drive sports car and I managed to somehow get myself one of these things we talking surrounded we’ve also got the roof down because it’s a really sunny day here and I can’t really light you I don’t have the room sound service but when they are do apologize I’m just going to have to deal with a specific to not take it so nice here we go right here we go reason.


Number one one or two lower your car past the point for prep clarity because noises like this occur how are we British lively sideways but then one right so first I’m living if you guys a little background history check on my insurance and my INSURENCE policy and the cars I’ve had and how

much I paid all of that stuff so my first car hitting up with a 1.6 grunt.



Oakley or more – absolutely loved it those of you guys loved it I kind of missed it reads the hockey trees as well I actually paid 1850 so 1,850 pounds with my books with a company called my policies now I got the feeling that my policy weren’t really my policy they were just kind of a policy they weren’t really doing their job very well they really just in too much a song I play crime or money for insurance I notice these days as well I mean ogle kids telling me in the  comments and they’re paying three or four grand for their first car and insurance which I just think is so that

was the first car I ever owned likely I paid 1050 count on insurance we have like Fox in the second car I owned the widow-makers Cooper arm I paid a total soft around 2800 pounds on insurance plan that was in our box

now a company because go Skippy and once again experience they can’t go skipped off and just didn’t really provide me much as you and now we’re on to this the mock what Mazda mx-5 now I love you guys I like how much I pay for insurance and my ways and how I do I’m actually get that quote politics we’re going real quick right here I paid 1,800 pounds for this car on insurance that’s that box.

And those where they company called direct line into now I’m 19 years of age and I have one year of no claims did come to use on any big quality that I can have but I think on a plane to affect how much to get to achieve with there’s a few other ways I actually managed to bring it down that much because the mall and I’ll get insurence quote around five or six thousand pounds ayear on insurance with a pie box.


I mean that’s just my so for you first time drivers out there you guys are probably wondering how you can get the cheapest or assured with no years no claims no experience under your belt non art certificate research all you want to try and get the price as low as possible because I know here in the UK a lot of Americans don’t understand if you’re an American feel watching right now let your II don’t understand help give me the insurance here in the UK I mean them in the UK you know the encourage really does buy a mask effect on how much money you spend on your first car because you’ve normally come to fact them most of it into the insurance so with my first car my renault clio I got pretty lucky on insurance because a 1.6.



Renault Clio which otherwise run up to you is very prone to being crash surfers some reason it picked up by lost boy races or people who just don’t know how to drive and they get rid off and that is what make sure insurance premiums of us so I was pretty lucky to get what’s out there even though it was cut off it’s still pretty cheap at the time and it was what we fix as opposed to the one foot series in the one foot cause otherwise I got my insurance other thing I wish I didn’t do was use comparison website things I go compare the markets or combat meerkat superstar I personally used computer console was great at the time I thought it was a godsend of light insurance premium it really was now one of the plain people’s advice I’m going to give to all of you guys are looking for fine furniture you’ll make you sergeant whenever they be just one thing you should do is use the classic website Justin you shouldn’t do is buy them online forces normally if you call the company opening actually try to buy from they will give you a cheaper coal on the fire now this is exactly how I managed to ensure this thing Christ pulled up Nightline and they gave me a wicked quote beforehand I went on confused if I’m on compare the market in all those rubbish sides and.


I’m looking for five six thousand pound insurance clothes which I thought was really really stupid but yeah the cars rear-wheel drive is a small car is an employee or the bad insurance thing that they don’t want you to have a see edge of 1902 Valley floated to the facility before us so I thought you know what’s up if I cook them up and they were like yeah we’ll give you a quote eighteen hundred pounds I like sweet thank you very much the first thing I urged to do is call off the company you’re about why your online co-op has defects gives you a lot even now there are several other ways of reducing your insurance premium.


Such as adding drivers adding name drivers mom or your dad drives and consents to drive anyone in your family using driver record lapsim own insurance some something to make you go down I think can make a go up speed you need to experiment with that now the other thing a lot of you guys are probably wondering about is obviously with your first class you probably want to do something we probably want to modify it you want to add some cool LED strips you want to put some steel on its body kick some exhaust like that scoffs please don’t do that if I’m stuck so I mean if you do decide to do it one thing you probably want to do is declare your more I highly recommend everyone that you do declare your it’s the event of a crash and you don’t have your monster cleared you’re technically uninsured and they won’t pay out as much as they might hope if you could save them or at least give them a call up and just ask how much is going to be to say as it and that so much as to a premium if it’s worth going for.


I would 100% recommend to do it it’s not your own risk so a rule of thumb

generally and if you can’t insure the more Doug do the more a normal insurance policies are mainly down to three key main factors there isn’t one your talk to your location and 3u8 so if you’re like me you’re quite young you have one years of some claims and you’re living in a fairly not rough area I mean I don’t even like Princeton or anything so you know I’m not going to get that in my car not going to get stolen which is great also quite highly depends on the vehicle you are trying to insure because obviously every single vehicle is under its own insurance category and these categories are basically based on your age and then how many people crash that car in your age group so the main key tips for this video guys to get the cheapest insurance quote you can possibly get on whether cause you may be buying is one make sure you call up wherever insurance company you’re thinking of starting a policy with so I had anything drivers to see if it goes down or up obviously you do have to experiment with that dog take my word for it try yourself.


I am NOT responsible for the extra five hundred pounds depending if the

insurance premium is too high you may just have to look for another indication at one point six mark 540’s disease against for my third car but the insurance was sky-high so I just kind of had to either let the dream role when I had to go and get something and there’s

another m.d. mx-5 hello hi.


I’m catching an actual difference insurence quotes you’re trying to ensure a Ferrari Enzo and the age of 70 with no years no claims you live in the middle of nowhere you’re probably not going to get to such as Tony but Emir think of people rationally and think about before you can affordable for you maybe I was actually get at your age with your inner you’re different they’re using those monkey tips and tricks in order to get the cheapest insurance policy that’s how I actually manage to ensure this power how I manage to ensure the Cleo I literally  do a very well with the Cupra sold nearly paid three thousand a year for the absolute peace of but that is pretty much it for this video guys hopefully this does help some of you new drivers for some of you each time experienced drivers are trying to get cheaper insurance folks hopefully helps you bring down the money underwear hopefully gives you about quote and if it does please let me know down in the comments saying I’ve helped or if you guys have Pitt strips housing additions or cheaper.

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