Top tips for getting a cheaper car insurance quote

Your choice of the car The value, type and engine size of your car affect your insurance premium. The general rule is, the smaller the car, the lower the premium. If you have not bought a car yet, check the offers for the vehicles you are considering.


Adjust a security device


A car equipped with a security device such as an alarm, immobilizer or tracker means that it is less likely to be stolen or stolen. And vice versa, insurance companies tend to offer a cheaper deal.


Type of cover


Many motorists who are looking for a cheaper car insurance, instinctively opt for third parties, fire and theft. However, since many more risky drivers are looking for a cheaper coverage, the average price of these policies is increased.


Do not assume that a third-party policy is cheaper – make sure you also check the full coverage to see the difference in price.


Some insurers are expensive


Do not just choose the same insurer as your partner, family member or friend, because there is no one size fits all when it comes to coverage.


The price of your reward depends on a number of factors, including your age and your medical history.


And since every insurer uses its own statistical data to set prices, the price you pay will vary from company to company.


Increase your voluntary surplus


The surplus is the first part of a claim that is paid by you. Increasing the voluntary deductible may reduce your premiums.


additional driver


If you’re an inexperienced driver, adding an experienced driver like a parent to your policy can cut costs. However, if you tell your insurer who the main driver is, your policy could be invalidated.


Check your mileage


The number of miles you drive per year could have a big impact on your premiums. If you are not sure how many miles you drive each year, you can get an estimate by comparing the mileage of your last two-year MOT certificates or using an online mile calculator to stop the insurance.


Telematics or black box insurance


Instead of paying for insurance based on the average driver, telematics insurance is based on when and how you drive. You can not say more just than that! If you are frustrated to pay a high car insurance premium, a black box equipped could be the answer to your problems.


shopping spree


With so much competition in the market, you’re more likely to find an affordable deal when you shop. If you use an online comparison site such as, you can quickly find a list of the cheapest car insurance deals that are right for you.

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